Asian Development Bank's LAN Support headquarters in the Philippines has a typical remote out-band LAN/WAN connectivity problem... however their application gave new meaning to the definition of a "remote site."

Asian Development Bank has offices throughout Asia and the South Pacific. Each office is equipped with an ethernet LAN which is linked using VSAT to ADB headquarters located in Manila. On the more remote islands, power outage and related LAN lock-up problems are frequent and local technical personnel are few. This situation requires costly trips to remote sites and/or dedicated async lines to the RS232 control ports of remote equipment for monitoring and configuration sessions.

Just such a situation was present on the small island nation of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is located 1,300 miles north of New Zealand, and the local ADB branch required frequent visits for LAN re-configuration and other tasks which could be accomplished via connection to the RS232 console ports of the LAN control equipment. The problem was the cost-prohibitive option of dedicating an async modem and dial-up line per each piece of LAN control equipment so Manila could dial in for remote monitoring and configuration.

ADB was able to find a cost-effective solution using the Western Telematic Inc. CPM-1600 Remote Site Manager. By placing the CPM at the remote site, technical managers only needed to dedicate one dial-up line and one async modem in Vanuatu. Technical personnel in Manila are able to dial- in on the line and switch to any of up to 15 async console ports connected to LAN file servers, work stations, hubs or routers. Each port can be individually named and speeds may vary, password protection and site ID are provided and all communication parameters are held in non-volatile memory. With the help of the CPM-1600, ADB is now able to conduct remote configuration and monitoring sessions with ease -and they stayed well within budget.

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