Embedded Box PCs
Box Style PCs are designed to meet the strong demand for standalone and blind node control PCs. The Box PCs are high performance standalone computers featuring: fanless operation, compact size, robust construction, low power requirements, high vibration/shock protection, wide operating temperature range and certificated embedded OS support.
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  • Expandable Box PCsExpandable: Fanless Expandable Box PCs are medium sized embedded computers designed for applications that require a system with expansion capabilities.
  • Compact Box PCsCompact: Fanless Compact Box PCs are small sized embedded computers designed for space constrained applications that require a minimum number of drives.
  • Ultra-Compact Box PCsUltra-Compact: Fanless Ultra-slim Box PCs are miniture embedded computers designed for space constrained applications
  • Vehicle - Railway ControllersVehicle / Railway Controllers: In-Vehicle embedded controllers are designed to withstand the constant vibration present in heavy road and rail transport.
  • ATEX Certified Box PCsATEX Certified Box PCs: ATEX is a European Regulatory Framework for manufacture, installation and use of equipment in Explosive Atmospheres.
  • TiTAN Series Rugged Embedded Industrial Box PCsTiTAN Series: The TiTAN Series include Entry-Level, Maintream and High-End rugged embedded industrial Box PCs.
  • AI@Edge Box PCsAI@Edge Box PCs: Interworld has a range of BOXER industrial embedded computers using Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ and NVIDIA Jetson processors to bring intelligent AI solutions to any application.
  • Machine Vision Box PCsMachine Vision Box PCs: Machine Vision Box PCs are specifically designed for the vision system market
  • DisplayPort Emulator: The DisplayPort Hotplug Maintainer emulates a DisplayPort display (sink device) by maintaining a hotplug signal between a video source and sink/display. When used with a KVM/video switch, the DP-HP-MNTR-SRC eliminates the need to reconfigure monitor settings when switching between computers.
  • BOXER-8251AI Compact Multi-core AI@Edge Controller from Aaeon: Utilizing the power of the 6 Core ARM Carmel V2.8 Processor and NVIDIA Jetson NX AI, the ground breaking BOXER-8251AI integrates multi core processing and AI solutions into a single device.
  • Fanless Embedded Box PC with 8th or 9th Generation Intel Core Processors with PCIe Expansion Slots: Interworld Electronics has released the BOXER-6839-CFL Intel 8th/9th Generation Core processor based embedded controller from Aaeon.
  • TiTAN-300: Specifically designed for Industry 4.0 Edge Computing applications, the TiTAN-300 allows data to be pre-processed at the source prior to transmission across networks or being uploaded to cloud based servers.
  • Powerful Edge AI and Machine Vision Box PC: Powered by the 8th and 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and supporting graphics cards up to 250W for video capturing applications, the BOXER-6842M is designed for the most intensive applications from Edge AI server to automated optical inspection (AOI)